Mike Nicoletopoulos

Senior Financial Advisor
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5548 Kaye St., Suite 201
Halifax, NS B3K 1Y5

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“Enjoy Your Life.”

After more than a decade serving clients on their most important financial questions, I realize the most fundamental question on each client’s mind is: “Am I ok?”. Everyone’s version of “ok” is different: am I “ok” to retire, am I “ok” to put my children through university, am I “ok” to leave a financial safety net for my family, or a legacy for the community? These questions are the foundation of our relationship, and how I serve you. The financial industry often leads clients to focus only on rate of return. Although rate of return is obviously a marker of success, as a fully licensed financial advisor, my broader role is to lead you to the answer of your own version of “am I ok?” – and show you how, with proper planning and tools, and the help of my resources the answer can be a clear “Yes”.

Realistic & Straight-forward

My parents came from Greece to Canada in 1963, and brought with them the strong Greek heritage and qualities of hard work and productivity. They started their own successful restaurant, and at a young age, I was active in the business. It is safe to say I have dealt with the value of money my entire life.

It is through these roots that I developed core values such as contribution, authenticity, and connection. I believe in being straightforward with my clients – whether I am giving financial advice or simply an opinion. Many of my clients appreciate my “cut to the chase” approach, as I always ensure their goals and decisions are realistic.

Entrepreneurial Values

Entrepreneurship is natural in my family. Through my twenties, I owned several businesses and rental properties. Through these experiences, I was able to learn a great deal about money and how it works. I enjoy calling upon these deep and rich entrepreneurial lessons to help my clients.

I see my own role for clients as a Chief Financial Officer. My clients are experts in their career, family, and community roles, but may not have the time or years of expertise as a business person or financial expert. My goal is to help you fill in the gaps on the financial side of life and business.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is how to leverage & stretch every dollar to its full potential. My ability to pinpoint the true value of money has helped me immensely throughout life, and I share this knowledge with my clients. It is common for a client to consult me when planning a major purchase, to give them a second opinion of a fair deal, and help them make a well-informed decision.

Authenticity & Openness

A big part of what I love about being a financial advisor is connecting with my clients on a personal level. Sharing stories about my life, past and present, is one of the best ways for my clients to understand me. And, as we begin to understand each other, I can better help them reach their life goals.

Enjoy Your Life and Freedom Through Hard Work

I believe that true happiness and wealth is not about your net worth or the kind of car you can afford, but about being able to do what you want to do. This is exactly the type of life I want for my clients. No matter what you choose to do with your life, the freedom of choice is key. Likewise, my philosophy about work is “Work because you want to, not because you have to”. Hard work offers great fulfillment in my life, not undue stress. It is my goal to get each of my clients to the same state.

When it comes to my clients, it’s not the value of their account that determines whether we will work together. What I really love is helping people who are productive members of our society, hard working, and are looking for genuine advice that they value. Whether your contribution is through a self-owned business, a job, raising a family, or giving to charity, I want to help you.

As part of Assante’s Complete approach our advisors will work with your current accountant, lawyer, insurance provider etc to build your plan or they can leverage the exceptional investment management team and wealth planning group available through our sister company, CI Investments Inc., and Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. for support.

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